COVID-19 and Vehicle Repair

You are probably contemplating going anywhere today. You are most likely not driving as much as you normally were in most cases during these COVID-19 times. This poses a logical decision or question with your vehicle. To maintenance or Not to maintenance? Well there are two ways to make this decision. One on your budget Read more about COVID-19 and Vehicle Repair[…]

Alignments Are Important

Whether you own a new car, truck, van, SUV or 15 year old vehicle, alignments of the front and in some cases rear are serious. It is important to keep your vehicle in check with factory and design specifications. Manufacturers create these vehicles to drive a certain and safe way. The suspension concepts are similar Read more about Alignments Are Important[…]

Hybrid Spring Maintenance

Coming out of the winter season into spring is a sigh of relief for most car owners. Getting rid of the winter elements is a blessing. Cars react differently in each season. Spring Prep of Your Vehicle Externally your vehicle’s paint and internally the battery systems need attention as the warmer weather makes it’s way Read more about Hybrid Spring Maintenance[…]

Next Hybrid Generation

Things are changing very rapidly in the automotive industry with-in the Hybrid Community. All electric is starting to take hold in Europe and USA. Porsche, Jaguar, Audi, Nissan and Volkswagen are rounding out the top 5 players. Battery and technology in general are getting better. Bigger kilowatt batteries are being engineered to squeeze out more Read more about Next Hybrid Generation[…]

Trust Your Mechanic

Find Your Mechanic

Are All Mechanics The Same? Not.  Mechanics and Repair Shops are not created equal.  With the amount of new and old cars that have been produced, no mechanic or shop can possibly work on every make and model vehicle out on the street.  Find a shop or mechanic in advance of committing to taking your Read more about Find Your Mechanic[…]

Big G Auto Repair

Summer Car Care

Remember Looks Are Everything Often over looked is the keeping of your vehicle looking good.  Care Care products not only make your vehicle look like new, most of these products actually help in maintaining the longevity of your vehicle. Car Care products are endless.  There is stuff for the inside and outside, sprays, creams and Read more about Summer Car Care[…]

Cabin Air Filter Replacement

Change Your Air Filters

Importance of Filters Air filters are sight unseen but they play a vital role in your vehicle!   There are two types of filters.  One for the engine and the other is for the cabin compartment. Engine Air Filter helps prevent harmful debris, dirt and contaminants from entering your engine. The Cabin Filter, started appearing in vehicles Read more about Change Your Air Filters[…]