Plug-In Hybrid Vehicles

Plug-in vehicles are positioned as practical, fuel efficient, low emissions, mainstream priced, and subsidy qualified. December 2010 the electric car Chevrolet Volt premiered,  showing plug-in gas electrical vehicles are a legitimate option, and individuals are making choices based on their personal requirements. Plug-in vehicles can now be recharged at home for perhaps one quarter the Read more about Plug-In Hybrid Vehicles[…]

Hybrid Vehicle Advantages

Hybrid vehicles are continuously gaining popularity with the general public. With the growing social concerns about green revolution and also achieving substantial reduction in fuel consumption, hybrids are thought to be satisfactory in functionality. It is relevant to point out that hybrids are the most gas effective of vehicles with owners saving more dollars by Read more about Hybrid Vehicle Advantages[…]

Hybrid Repairs

Hybrid Vehicle Drivetrain

Hybrid vehicles are not really that complex.  They have a gas engine and transmission with operations that we are very use to for many years.  The big difference is in the battery technology. The vehicle has a huge bank of batteries that are strategically located into the chassis of the vehicle and send power to Read more about Hybrid Vehicle Drivetrain[…]

Servicing of Hybrid Cars

Since vehicle manufacturers are striving to reduce fuel consumption and emissions from vehicles, the concept of combining an internal combustion engine with an electrical motor and power source has become more popular. Consumer interest in these Hybrid Vehicles. Has been favorable, which is the reason you may expect to see more of those kinds of Read more about Servicing of Hybrid Cars[…]